Human Diseases and Conditions: 4 Volume set, 3rd Edition

Human Diseases and Conditions: 4 Volume set, 3rd Edition

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  • File Size: 49.49 MB
  • Format: Original PDF/PDF
  • Series: Human Diseases and Conditions
  • Hardcover: 2075 pages
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner & Sons; 3 edition (November 10, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0684325209
  • ISBN-13: 978-0684325200

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By Designed primarily for use by high school students and young adults in the general population seeking authoritative health information, Human Diseases and Conditions, 3rd ed. is the revised and updated edition of Charles Scribnerâ??s Sonsâ?? well received Human Diseases and Conditions (2009). Offering in-depth coverage of all areas of health and disease, Human Diseases and Conditions, 3rd ed. offers current and accurate information on approximately 450 diseases and conditions. This edition includes nearly 75 new and 360 completely reviewed and revised articles. The topics covered include infectious diseases, many cancers, chronic and acute physical and psychological conditions, newly emerging and reemerging diseases, public health issues, and issues of interest to the young adult audience (eating disorders, sports injuries, growth, and puberty). Behavioral health is covered as thoroughly as physical health. In addition, the comprehensiveness of 425 photos, informative illustrations, and charts thoroughly enhances the already-rich textual information. A glossary of key terms, bibliography, list of organizations, and a comprehensive two-level subject index is also included.

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